Raclan Square Box

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  • DMT TÜV Nord certified
  • Lithium-ion batteries up to 3.5 kWh
  • für Batterien bis 3,5 kWh
  • Exhaust system with filter
  • Extinguishing and cooling system
  • Explosion/fireproof enclosure
  • Audible alarm function
  • Emergency power supply
  • Approved for permanent use on ships
  • Stackable

Our new RACLAN SQUARE BOX is an active safety box for charging and storing lithium-ion batteries. With dimensions of 580 x 580 x 380 mm (inside 540 x 540 x 230 mm) it is also suitable for larger batteries up to 3.5 kWh. The box has an integrated container with 11 litres of environmentally friendly extinguishing fluid, an exhaust gas management system with a filter for hydrofluoric acid (HF), an acoustic alarm function, visual function control and an emergency power supply.

The waterproof RACLAN SQUARE BOX is made of a fireproof and explosion-proof high-tech composite and is stackable. It can therefore be used permanently on board ships or in outdoor areas.
The RACLAN SQUARE BOX is DMT TÜV Nord certified. We were supported in the development by Aerofoils (Audi).

They will be available from the 4th quarter of 2023.