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  • For self-sufficient use
  • Compact designs
  • or stationary use
  • Free of emissions and aerosols
  • Available in different performance categories
  • Integrated detection system with alarm function
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Certified according to ANPI
  • Extinguishes in any position
  • Patented

Every year there are several thousand home fires in Germany alone. Most fires in private households start in the kitchen. A kitchen fire often occurs due to burning fats or oils. In a panic, many people resort to water to remove the fat.

However, this can directly lead to a fat explosion.

The K-series, developed for extinguishing grease in kitchens, and the Pro series for commercial and industrial use, are compressed gas-free extinguishing systems and represent a unique combination for fighting fires in private and commercial environments.