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  • For self-sufficient use
  • Compact designs
  • For stationary use
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Individually scalable
  • Integrated detection system with alarm function
  • Free of emissions and aerosols
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Certified according to ANPI
  • Extinguishes in any position

K-Series for use in private kitchens.

Developed to extinguish burning fat in kitchens. The compact and self-sufficient extinguishing system can be used in a stationary position, requires no maintenance and is characterized by a high extinguishing power. The integrated detection system with alarm and communication functions provides safety.Pro Series for use in commercial and industrial settings.

Pro Series for use in commercial and industrial settings.

It has an especially high extinguishing power and is the optimal solution for explosion proof fire protection in commercial environments (such as machine housings or easily flammable areas).The Pro Series can be used in enclosed spaces. The maintenance-free, scalable and self-sufficient extinguishing system with the integrated alarm function offers safety for many industrial applications. The extinguishing agent is bio-degradable.